Yuzurizaki Nero

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Gender Female
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Group(s) Milky Holmes
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Toy Being able to control machines
Media Portrayals
First Appearance Moving into the Attic (anime)
Voice Actor Sora Tokui

Nero Yuzurizaki (譲崎 ネロ) is one of the four main protagonists in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes. An obnoxious girl with a hefty appetite.


Tomboyish, rough and tough as proof is in the pants she wears in complete contrast with her teammates, or so she would lead people to believe. She speaks with the masculine term 'boku' and is very selfish, often talking down on others while comforting her own greed. But with that said, in the end she is still a good girl at heart often looking out for the rest of the Milky Holmes members.

Energetic and powerful, one can say her attitude reflects on the amount of food she takes in. She never seems to play fair often using underhanded tricks to win others to get ahead. A trait that sometimes comes in handy for the now powerless Milky Holmes team whose without their Toys.

Nero's allows her to control machines using a small piece of metal she carries around. The fully extent of her powers are never fully reveal. For that matter amongst the Milky Holmes girls, her power are the most unknown of the four. To be more precise her ability is to disassemble a machine then reconstruct them, enhance them or even change them into something bigger and different entirely by using material around her.