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Alter Ego Jiro Nezu
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Gender Male
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Group(s) Gentlemen Thieves
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Media Portrayals
First Appearance Moving into the Attic (anime)
Voice Actor Hiro Shimono

Rat (ラット Ratto) and under the alias Jiro Nezu (根津 次郎 Nezu JiroVoiced by: Hiro Shimono is one of the four main antagonists in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes. He is one of the Three Cards, loyal servants of Lady Arsene of The Gentlemen Thief Empire.


Energetic and hot tempered, the boy is surely almost equal to Nero in terms of activity. His feiry hotblooded attitude brings out the offensive in the The Gentlemen Thief Empire during heists. 

In Holmes Academy under the disguise as Jiro Nezu, a classmate of the Milky Holmes girls. Throughout the anime, he seems cold towards the girls at first blush in school or on the field. But it is shown that he does in fact shows affection to the girls albeit indirectly, particularly Nero who always seems to be at odds with the boy. A running gag of the series, the Milky Holmes girls never seems to be able to remember his name often calling him something else like Rabbit or Rising Thunder.

Rat's Toy is the ability of psychokinesis allowing him to control fire which he often used to light various explosives which he uses both offensively and defensively.


  • Like Twenty, during the first episode of Rat's demonstration of his Toy to the Milky Holmes girls never seems to raise any flags that he might be Rats of The Gentlemen Thief Empire.